Freelancing – A dream. (How hard is it?)

tough realities of freelancing

Freelancing is growing in popularity over the years. The wave of coronavirus has put a restriction on people to work outside their homes. Job opportunities, exams, work, and schools have been negatively affected by the pandemic. 

The screen time of smartphones and internet users in a day has been drastically increased. Everything from academic classes to shopping is done online. Even work. Because of these limitations, it is difficult to be productive or engage in part-time jobs. This is where freelancing comes into the picture- The idea of earning some dollars at home by putting our time to good use during the pandemic.

Lately, the internet is packed with advertisements and content creators are booming. There isn’t a day we lock the phone or shut down our pc and sleep without watching an ad. Ads are everywhere on the internet like annoying flies.

A week ago I came across an interesting freelancer advertisement that read that anyone can become a freelancer and earn money from home. An attractive salary of $3000+ per month was tagged on a banner which could be earned just by doing simple work. The signup and the requirements seemed pretty easy and it was totally “free”. It was a dream advertisement for a jobless adult who wanted to earn a few bucks online during the pandemic. 

Without wasting time I googled and searched YouTube. From a glance, it seemed that people earned some quick bucks effortlessly in some freelance sites. Some dudes began telling his story about how he earned so much in just a week after he started freelancing. Another channel recommended the best freelancing sites and I did my research well before freelancing. 

tough reality of being a freelancer

I visited some sites that were most recommended by the online community. Researching how to even go about the entire procedure took me an entire day.

 Which was the best platform? Which job suits me best? What types of jobs do freelancing sites offer? And so on. I had to research jobs that were in high demand and the requirements to create quality work. If the price is high, the quality should be top-notch. 

I checked professionally made works to keep in mind the standards that have been set by the people. After some hours everything was set. What I learned from these few days trying to freelance made me lose hope and I decided to give up for some time. Here’s why.

Firstly, I started bidding on six different freelancing jobs and had to wait for some days. The employer takes time to pick the right candidate for his project and for beginners it’s a really tough game. For freelancers who just started, the chances of getting selected are very low. I have applied for jobs on 3-4 websites and didn’t get any confirmation mail. 

It works in such a way that the more request we send the more chances of getting selected. It is that simple but the process is tedious. Keeping a professional and attractive portfolio also increases the chances of getting selected. I might try this later on.

Some employers keep certain criteria that only the professional and paid user can take up. High rated freelancers who had been working for some months have higher chances of getting selected. This maintains the quality of the work by filtering out the best but it provides fewer opportunities for starters.

The internet fools us with anything tagged “free”. The so claimed “free” sites are not completely free. Upgraded users are provided with more features and privileges. It’s a paid-to-success game on some sites. Sites that offer users to upgrade to premium keep the site free from cheap quality work but if freelancers start with $0 it is difficult to get hands-on a job.

truths of freelancing

After few days of trying and checking the jobs and candidates, it was clear that the competition was sky-high. Beginners walk into a gunfight with knives. With the right attitude and skills, there’s only a slim chance of survival in this game. There’s no short-cut. We need to put 100% raw effort and hard work, relentlessly sharpening our skills. 

It is best to prepare and equip ourselves well with good skills before freelancing. Some sites ask for certificates to increase our chances of getting a job. As beginners, sometimes there’s nothing to submit. The chances of getting a job will greatly increase if we display legit certificates to fashion our profile.

started freelancing beginner

There are many benefits we expect while freelancing such as traveling and working anywhere we want but to achieve this we need to put in years of hard work. Successful and highly paid freelancers work for hours to achieve that height of success. If they can so do we. This is attained only after we have gained a considerable amount of reputation. That’s when new jobs flood in and the pay get higher. Escaping from work is almost impossible. Life has to be balanced – enjoying life and working simultaneously. 

From the experience I gained in these few days struggling to be a freelancer, I would recommend anyone with a strong passion and will not stop trying to be a freelancer. Freelancer is a real deal, a real game and only the hard-working people succeed. The pay is high but it takes time to earn a reasonable amount of money and to find employers. 

is freelancing easy

Don’t believe everything content makers on YouTube or writers who testify that they earned some reasonable dollars within a few days. It’s not that easy. Rather take advice from people who made it up to the top from scratch. Their story is more inspiring and we know what to expect as a freelancer. It takes a lot of patience and time for beginners. 

The successful life story of people in a short period of time will only want you to quit early in the game if you fail at what they achieved. Their motivation sparks but does not keep the fire blazing. My dream of becoming a freelancer remains a dream but anyone who is determined can be a freelancer. 

Don’t give up.

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