Happiness from the Eyes of a Baby.(How to be happy)

happiness eyes of a baby
Happiness is not something that is naturally developed within us when we are born. We are born without happiness. We are empty of feelings and the only sensations of warmth and security are taken away from us when we are born. 

The unusual feeling of hunger and cold makes us unpleasant and we are introduced to new sensations. We long for that warm abode where we felt most comfortable; impenetrable to any kind of cruel predators. 

Just as we get all kinds of necessities before birth, we yearn for that perfect life after birth. We bawl and that signals for affection and food. We carve for so many things like a prince who wakes and sleeps after his demands are met.

This is the ideal life we all seek; basic necessities, love, security, and so on. Perhaps, at this point as a baby, we feel happiness as a being that was loved by our parents and siblings. 

The happiness that our parents had after the joyous pregnancy news and the painful, yet the happiest moments of our birth gives them so much happiness that indeed, we are their happiness.

As babies, even their existence might give someone happiness and all of it comes back again to them in various forms of happiness. Perhaps happiness is everywhere around us but we feel it only when it is given.

A child at its best behavior makes parents, teachers, and others happy. In return, they are rewarded with praise and things that delight them. 

Parents don’t ask so much from us when we are still a child. Simple house chores, spending time together, doing well in studies, and communicating well with them might be the only essential things to make them happy. If they are happy so will you.

happiness through the eyes of a baby

While some parents will be proud and happy with us even with the tiniest achievement we bring home, few parents won’t be satisfied with our results. In such situations finding happiness within us is important. 

If parents and tutors are not at all satisfied with our results even at our best, we feel discouraged and sad. We try harder and live the life our parents want.

But at the end of the day, our self and happiness are all that matters. Be happy with yourself and believe that you are doing well. Negativity only brings stress and unhappiness and we should avoid them at all costs.


Happiness as an adult.

As adult happiness does not come magically to us, we have to put some effort into it. Our actions and existence itself should bring happiness to others. We are individual beings living in a society and we need to keep in touch with family, friends, neighbors, and others. 

Give your loved ones a call and ask them how they are doing. Call your parents and tell them you love them, or keep in touch with your long lost friends. These things might put a smile on their face and it will definitely make their day a happy one.

 Just as we were given food and care when we were helpless babies, help someone in need. They’ll be grateful and you will be awarded with happiness. 

A person who doesn’t communicate and is not sociable tends to be less happy and lonely. Thus, it is important to keep in touch and communicate to live happily.

Studies have found out that 80% of our thoughts are negative and we should get rid of all this negativity to live happily. Sit for a moment and ponder where all this negativity comes from. 

As once we were all infants with an undeveloped brain, we didn’t have the ability to think and as a child, we had only little thoughts of negativity. We need to grow more like an optimist child and think like a knowledgeable wise adult.


from the eyes of a child, happiness, how to be happy

There are so many things we should be happy the first thing we wake up in the morning. We ‘woke’ up. That’s one.

We have food, a good family, a circle of friends. 

We are given a chance to do good deeds, a chance to forgive, and try again. 

A new day to rise and conquer the challenges we failed yesterday.

 A new sun to change leaves, mold, or fix our broken self. 

If this is not what everyone gets every day- a chance, we should be happy and grateful about it.

Look out the window and we will see homeless people, idly in the streets feeling cold and lonely. We are more fortunate than them and we should be happy. Let us compare ourselves to a billionaire or the most successful person. We will be motivated but less happy where we stand.

the world through the eyes of a child , baby

A homeless or a person doing well in life might be happier than a rich person. Money certainly makes us happy only to a certain degree. In fact, rich people suffer from stress and insecurity. 

A person who is always after money and work neglects their families often. The relationship he shares is mostly business-related and his health is on the line.

Humans are difficult to satisfy in such a short life span. Happiness will follow after success and the accumulation of lots of money but it washes away in seconds. It is momentary glory and joy. 

Qualities of greed and extreme selfishness should be replaced with charity and love. The level of our satisfaction should be kept simple. 

After we are financially stable we should steer our life towards other simple forms of happiness. We were happy with simple basic things initially and long after, our wants dominated our needs. We can be happy even with the simple things we often overlook.

how to find happiness, eyes of a baby

Hobbies and self-development habits are also crucial to build happiness when were spend time alone. Kids are wild and free. They feel enormously happy by doing what they want and by getting what they want. 

As adults, we should derive happiness from hobbies and good habits. It is a given that adults should buy things on their own and be happy about it. 


We should take care of our own well-being as a responsible person. We all know that “Health is wealth”. A healthy person is more likely to be happy than an unhealthy person.

Start something that motivates and delights you. We create our own happiness and so is our well-being. And perhaps we should see life through the eyes of a child once in a while.

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