How to be more productive?(Effective ways to boost productivity.)

Productivity- Effective ways to increase productivity.

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Productivity is working efficiently and getting your work done in the shortest amount of time. A busy person with a lot of to-do things might come to our mind when we think of productivity, but it isn’t so. Productivity doesn’t mean getting a lot of work done in a day but doing less and focusing only on what is necessary and doing more.

The digital age might be hindering our productivity with lots of distractions, and we might feel hopeless at ourselves. Since the start of the pandemic, everyone struggles to be more productive with their lives. There is so much time and nothing seems to get done. This might be a good time to learn how to increase your productivity and stop being inefficiently unproductive.

Effective ways to increase productivity:

Focus on your work when your brain is most active: 

For a morning person, doing their task when the sun rises can enhance their productivity. This is when the brain can function at its peak and can complete the work efficiently.

 An individual who is not a morning person can find out when they are most able and active to work. Being a morning person means that, that person might be most active only at that hour. 

Experiment and study when you are most active and work at that time as the active time of the brain can vary from individual to individuals.


Energy is the most crucial factor to enhance productivity. Our energy is limited to some degree and if we overwork, the results are plain and unfruitful. 

Start the day by working for 20 mins and take a break for 10mins. Continue this until you feel exhausted. You can increase the time to 30mins at work and take a 10mins break. 

Experiment with your energy and find your capability. Don’t overwork. Respect and take care of your health and energy. 

Stop and take a rest if you feel like your energy has been drained. You can do your work efficiently the next day. 

Most of us have a tendency to finish all the work in a day but keep the ideas and plan where to start the next day. You will not waste time pondering where to begin and finish your work effectively the following day.

Take short breaks. 

Sitting at your work for hours can bore you. The thing you love most might turn into something bleak and you might begin to hate it.

 Take short breaks and spend some time off with your family or friends. Take a walk and get some fresh air before continuing with your strenuous work. 

The brain needs rest before it can function well again. Take a short nap if necessary. A short sleep for about 10-20 minutes is highly recommended and effective to boost alertness and energy. 

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Reward yourself: 

Reward yourself with food, go to the movies, or anywhere you want after you have done your work. Reward yourself with little treats or things after you have done a part of the work. 

This trick is used even in schools and society. People are more likely to work harder if they are rewarded for their effort. Rewarding with sweet treats will encourage yourself, and you will feel good.

Divide your task at hand and follow the 80/20 rule. 

Do only the necessary things and omit the rest. Suppose, visitors have reported 100 errors on your website. 

Start by tackling only the top common errors and most of your work in a day is done. Most of your visitors will be happy and the rest of the problems can be solved little by little. 

Study your task systematically and remove the unnecessary task until you are left with 20% that accomplishes 80% results.

Stop multitasking. 

Our brain cannot concentrate on multiple things at a time. If you are doing 5 tasks together, your concentration is divided among those 5 tasks. If you want to finish your work efficiently and effectively focus on one thing at a time.

Stop thinking of yourself as lazy.

We often tell ourselves that we are lazy. It doesn’t mean that we are feeling lethargic, but we don’t have the willingness to use any kind of effort to do work.

Stop bringing negativity and think that your laziness might be hindering your productivity.

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Make a routine.

Smartphones and social media interfere with our work. We can’t help but check our phones or new messages every time. 

This is a distraction for most of us. To deal with this, make a routine when to check your message and use your phone. Self-discipline takes us a long way if we are serious about getting our work done effectively.

Tackle the difficult work first:

Make sure to tackle the difficult work first. The brain is most active to learn and think after it has received sufficient rest at night. The productivity of the brain decreases as we do more work. 

Completing difficult tasks at first also tricks your mind that the rest of the work can be done easily. It prepares your brain to overcome tasks with low difficulty. The boring stuff should be done at last when you feel a little tired to be more productive.


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Productivity is not the things such as highlighting the important text, looking for recipes or searching for good topics to write. Productivity is when you start studying and writing or doing anything that brings you nearer to your goal; by working efficiently and effectively completing your work in a short amount of time.




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