The Future of Game Ads.(Fake ads? Money inclined?)

why are game ads misleading

The advertisement network has become so popular over the past few years. At present, almost all the apps have in-app ads for revenue. Creating apps has been made simpler with the introduction of online courses and using app creating tools. Now, most of the literate people with little knowledge of coding can create a simple app. Google charges $25 to upload these apps in their store. Some of these apps are developed with the sole purpose of monetizing their apps with ads, while some apps are created for a useful purpose.

Original apps have been duplicated with little changes by some developers. Fake apps that don’t fulfil any purpose and useless apps have deceived so many users. 

Money earning apps such as apps that pay users for doing micro task, crypto-mining and apps that pay money for playing games have wasted precious time of some users. 

From the apps I tested from the Google play store, some of the apps were genuine and I was paid after achieving the minimum withdraw amount. Only a mere 2 out of 7 was legit. Another problem was that it takes a long time to generate the minimum withdraw amount and the pay is too little to put it into good use.

People are generally inclined towards making money. Even if it is a little amount, everyone would take their chances. Creating apps is one of the best candidates for making money. App creators can simply publish their apps, sit back and earn money by monetizing with in-app ads. That’s what most people believe and only a few successful creators might be living the dream. In reality, it is not so easy, but people try hard to learn coding to publish their work following successful programmers.

“Learn how to create and publish your first game and earn $10 every day in just 6 hours. 5 Simple Steps”.  Everyone likes the easy way. Most people will click the link out of curiosity and it creates views for content creators as well. But this can mislead viewers. 

Nobody can create a useful and quality app in just a week after they are introduced to coding. Majority of the people would prioritize making money after learning simple coding which would lead them to create useless and fake apps that run only to steal money and time. With the power of knowledge available on the internet, only a few can put it into honest work. No one would want to walk an extra mile to create a user-friendly app that fulfils a particular purpose.

fake game ads misleading game ads

Some apps which already fulfil a purpose are improvised and created by another developer while some apps are just a clone of the same app. The features are less and more ads are packed into the duplicate app. The icons and interface are almost similar or sometimes, they lack quality. These cheap and useless apps all make it to the store to earn money by monetizing it with in-app ads.

A decade ago mobile game ads were made fun and genuine. We got what we expected almost all the time. It’s obviously clear to us what has happened to mobile games ads presently. Fake ads are circulated in all social platforms which are created even by big mobile game companies. The twist in what we see and get is quite amusing. For example, what they show is a first-person perspective epic game and what you would expect is a top-down or turn-based idle game. 

fake ads misleading ads

This powerful combination of creativity and effort made by animators made them millions. Powerful companies do nothing about these ads because they follow only the trail of money. Honest and genuine work has become an impossible task.

Game Ads does not only provide false information but some of the ads have inappropriate content for an ad. We can turn a blind eye but if we observe closely these ads are far from being a game ad. 

Women are sexualized and objectified. Some ads show women being tied up and tortured. What bothers me is that children see these ads. In fact, some of these games are played by children. I have seen little innocent kids watching these ads. They don’t exactly get it but we do. Being exposed to these ads certainly is not proper for adults as well as the younger audience. 

mobile game ads vs reality

Sexism runs in some of the games. Games ads provide players with either to torture or slap women. Surely there can be better options to handle the situation than the options they have provided. The opinions of these games are divided. Some players don’t see any sexism running in the game. Games are made for fun and it is to be enjoyed according to our taste. Some players are offended and they are infuriated by the content of the game which includes sexism and objectification of female.

A great tactic used by game ads is to show real players actually play the fake game. The gameplay displayed in the ads is stunning and the graphics are decent. These cut-scenes are shown in the ads only to attract players. We would be fools to fall for those fakes ads again. 

Some game developers have inserted the gameplay as seen in the ads because of complaints they received from the people. But they are bonus levels only a few players have come across. 

Hero rescue bulk ads

These misleading games got millions of downloads and their revenue rocketed because people were interested in the gameplay shown in the ads. Thus, “Hero Rescue” was created based on the ads some games did not provide. Though we know that most of the ads are fake we can at least fell a little ease knowing that “Hero Rescue” is out there. The only downside of this game is that it is loaded with ads. Ads pop up more frequently than any other game in the store. The ad of this game is inappropriate to a degree. 

money seeking game companies

Similarly, money earning apps show actual people earning live and claiming it’s legit. Imagine earning $10 for finishing a level in a game. That’s quite absurd. Most of us who has clicked these ads know that these apps are a fraud. It is a shame that honesty is degrading little by little following the trail of money.


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