10 Healthy Relationships Habits every Happy Couple follows

10 Happy Relationship Habits.

healthy relationship habits

It is delightful to see couples who get along so well. We look at them with wonder and curiosity about their magic. Sometimes we are jealous of them. We compare our relationship with those happy couples. But what we see is a finished product- a nearly perfected bond that has been through a lot of refinement.

Good couples constantly take care of their relationship. They form healthy habits that strengthen their bond and keep them from falling apart. Negligence on any part by either the partner disengages and disconnects them. Here are some healthy habits to build a strong relationship.

Forgive and forget.

Couples that last longer do not keep grudges for a long period.

The past is past and there is no value living in it. Good couples live in the present and they plan for the future.

They have no time to be angry at something that happened in the past. Everything that happened in the past is shared and discussed before moving on after an apology.

They don’t bring up any issues from the past. They forgive and forget.

Stay connected.

Every individual is busy with one thing or the other.

Time is limited. At times, we are not given any choice but to focus on work.

There is little time to connect with our partner. But whenever there is even a little amount of time, we can send a text or give a call.

This is a gesture that shows your partner that you love and think about them. It is important to stay connected with our partners whenever we can.

Habits of Happy Relationships

Spend time apart.

As important as it is to spend time together, it is a good habit for couples to spend some time apart.

This includes spending time alone or with family and friends. It is important to stay connected with others and not only with our partners.

Spend time alone by reading a book or by starting a hobby.

Too much togetherness bores each other. To keep couples interested in each other, some time should be spent apart.

Understand what makes your partner feel loved.

Does your partner like it when you remind them that you love them? Do they like to be appreciated and complimented at the little things they do or change?

Pay attention to what makes your partner feel loved. Learn the 5 love language to express your love.

Everyone feels loved differently and it is important that partners talk about what it is that makes them feel loved.

It may be spending time together or being hugged and cuddled. Doing little things for your partner by easing their weight load might make them happy. 

Happy couples notice each other’s needs and try to fulfill them.

Do chores together.

Doing chores single-handedly only by a partner can be a strenuous task. It is exhausting.

Healthy couples make sure that all the responsibilities in the house are shared. Chores are done together.

If a partner is busy with other work, the other partner should do the chores without complaining.

Create a habit of doing chores together for a healthy relationship.

Habits of Happy Relationships

Spend quality time.

When was the last time you had tech-free time with your partner? Smartphones and social media are just forms of distractions in a relationship that stops you from having a good quality time with your partner.

Stop using your phone or other things when you are spending time with your partner.

It is a healthy habit in a relationship to put away our phones and pay full attention to our partner.

Go to watch movies, cook and do chores together, plan a short vacation or a date. Re-connect with your partner.

It is a good habit in a relationship to spend quality time as it is beneficial in-

  • Reducing boredom
  • Improves communication
  • Builds intimacy and bond
  • Reduces stress.

Plan together.

Does your partner plan and decide things on their own? Whether you go on a date, plan a vacation, or buy things, making plans together is a healthy habit most successful relationships have.

Every partner’s voice should be heard and their opinions should be taken into consideration.

A relationship cannot progress without equal participation by both partners.

Understand what your partner needs and wants to do and strike a balance. Making a habit of planning together makes them feel valued.

healthy relationship


Intimacy can be emotional connectedness or closeness, or physical intimacy with our partner.

As humans, we crave physical touch with our partners. Studies show that physical touch is beneficial to our emotional and physical health.

Intimacy is fundamental for bonding and human communication. It also helps to build trust in a relationship.

Being physically close with our partner releases “love hormones” which makes us feel good and helps partners to build trust.

Getting intimate with our partner in a relationship is a healthy habit to build affection, trust, and a strong bond with our partner.

Fight fair.

Fighting in a relationship is normal but it should not be destructive. Partners should bond stronger after a fight if done correctly.

The first thing to do is to listen. Listen without interrupting what your partner wants to say.

Do not assume or formulate anything when your partner wants to say something.

Pay full attention to your partner and try to understand them.

State your thoughts directly. Do not let emotions get in the way and start a wildfire.

Do not let your love get cold. Sometimes adapt to change and remember that you still love your partner. In the end, love conquers all your insecurities and conflicts and keeps the relationship from falling apart.

Be responsible for your partner. An apology without change is meaningless.

If your partner is hurt by something terrible you are doing, apologize, and stop doing it.

Partners should be responsible for each other’s actions and habits. They have each other’s back.

It is, therefore, a good habit to fight fairly with your partner. It might not be successful on the first try but tame your ego and save your relationship.

Habits of Happy Relationships

Accept differences.

Everyone has a different opinion and a person develops differently as they grow. A couple should make a habit to try and accept each other’s differences.

Accepting each other’s differences shows that partners respect each other.

Accept your partner’s differences but guide him/her to be a better person.

Sometimes, it might take a long time to accept their beliefs and opinions. But you will be putting your relationship on the line if you cannot accept their differences.

A partner should be able to be themselves when they are around their partner.


10 Healthy habits of a happy relationship:

  1. Forgive and forget.
  2. Stay connected.
  3. Spend time apart.
  4. Understand what makes your partner feel loved.
  5. Do chores together.
  6. Spend quality time.
  7. Plan together.
  8. Create intimacy.
  9. Fight fair.
  10. Accept differences.

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