Collection of Poems- Wordcoffin

Collection of Poems-

(Collected from Instagram and Pinterest.)

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“I love you with a heart
full of regrets.
Thoughts are in denial;
my mind trembles.
Eyes weaken;
No sight for tomorrow.
My heart dangles
In the wind-

No safety below.

Still, I love you.”

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Pin world

“I’m lost-
In this tiny world
Of group boards.

Do I even exist?
Not a soul notices me-
I’m lonely.

I’m not colorful-
A withered flower.

Do I have a purpose?
Or am I just a message-
To be seen and pinned?

I’m ugly-
I cannot delight the eye-
Nor enlighten or inspire.

I want to be attractive-
Dip me in a blend of colours.
Carve me with golden words-
Make me beautiful.

But I’m what I am-
I only want to be loved-

In this strange tiny world.”

“We could climb a tree and pick the stars
Or Sail away on the silver moon.
But until a new day engulfs the night,
Or the buds of spring
Triumphs over the dead cold winter-
Let’s be still.”

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“Dear Love, my lifeless wick
Holds the flame of your absence.

Once like oxygen to my lungs-
Now feeds the murderous flames.

Fierce as my love for you, it burns-
Every drop I do not care,
I burn and burn in boiling wax.”

We are all like poems:

Sometimes I write a poem and I am never satisfied with it. I check the poem again the next day to perfect it to some degree. The result is just horrendous. I cringe sometimes thinking my poem and structure it’s very cliche. I cringe at the words I wrote when I was inspired. Emotion takes over our hands and we write silly things. This makes us feel embarrassed at our own writings.

At times, I ponder for days if I should upload my piece. Though it is not perfected, those writings were genuinely written by the hands at the moment of imaginary flight; or during the time of rain and thunder, or of sunny days and lonely nights. In every verse, a fragment of the poet’s emotion or thoughts lies deep within the lines.

Poetry is to be felt. See through the eyes of a poet; get into his shoes- feel the profound feelings of a tormented soul. Hold his mighty pen and write along with him into the brilliance of poetry. 

When you see its glorious insights; you own the poem. You write your own meaning after the poet ends his verse. You are the master of the overwhelming words; that penetrate deep into the soul or elevates the mind. But not all poems work like magic. Not all poems can shake or move a heart of stone or let the eyes that are blind see the wonders of the world.

We are just like poems. Everybody wants to reach a degree of perfection. We want eyes to look at us and be marveled at; we want to be understood, or be a guiding light or a flame that warms a cold body.

Once in a while, we come back to our self and reminisce about the things we have done. At night we are haunted by the past. We regret and think; what if we took another path. Like a poet re-reads a poem to check errors, we re-visit moments in our life. But unlike a poem that hasn’t been published, we can’t change our errors; we have to accept our scars and flaws. We are verse that has been published in a book that everyone can see and read.

Understand yourself like you would understand a poem. Be the master of you- your flaws, regrets, or happiness. You are the poet of your own poems. You are the master of an overwhelming power that lies deep within the verse- “You”.

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