Early signs that a relationship won’t last.

 Early signs that a relationship won’t last.

 Early signs that a relationship won't last.


Finding the right partner might be an arduous task. Lucky people find the right partner without any effort. It comes magically to them without them even asking. For some, it is not.

Stepping out early from a relationship with no potential for marriage can save us a lot of time. The impact during a break up is minimized to a degree because the emotional attachment isn’t built strongly at this point. Here are some early signs a relationship won’t last.

Studies have shown that a healthy relationship needs at least five positive interactions for every negative one. Arguments and fights happen in all relationships. Fights between couples help them to build their bond stronger. Sometimes, fierce and uncontrollably explosive anger might be followed by physical abuse. If this happens, it indicates an early sign that the relationship won’t last. Constant fights between partners should be avoided. There will be hard times but relationship problems should be solved together and partners should get back to being happy.

Emotional needs. Both partners need to take care of each other’s emotional needs. Does your partner show enough affection or attention to you? Do you feel happy and at peace with your partner? If your partner does not provide the essential needs in a relationship, it is a sign that the relationship is likely to fail.

They don’t trust you. Trust takes time to build. It also helps vulnerability to occur between partners. If there is trust, we open our hearts fully to our partner. We share our weaknesses, worries, thoughts, and feelings. Honesty and intimacy bloom in a relationship when there are trust and vulnerability. Without trust, certain key factors in a relationship will be missing.

You can’t be yourself. Controlling partners can put a lot of restriction on their partner. From simple habits to annoying behaviors or the way your dress, some partners may become furious. Maintaining happiness in the relationship becomes your responsibility. You feel suffocated. You are afraid that your partner might snap if you don’t act according to what they tell you. You cannot be yourself when you are with your partner. This is an early sign that the relationship won’t work.

Passive-aggressive. If your partner plays the victim or blames you for everything, the relationship might stop progressing. After an argument, partners show a lack of communication by distancing away or by ignoring you. They don’t share their thoughts and feelings directly but by other means. If these behaviors exist, the relationship will go downhill.

You don’t feel accepted by your partner. Accepting who you are by your partner is the most important thing in a relationship. A partner should accept you at your worst as they do at your best. He/she should accept your opinions and beliefs.

Your partner does not value your opinion. Does your partner value your opinion? In a relationship both the opinions of the partner should be valued. While planning a vacation or a date does your partner only decide where to go and what to have? If your partner takes all the major decisions in a relationship and doesn’t listen to your opinions, the relationship is likely to fail.

You don’t like your partner’s friends or your partner might not like your friends. There is a difference in taste in the social circle between you and your partner. A friend circle defines a lot about one’s character. We can guess the kind of a person from his/her friends. When your partner hangs out with friends you don’t like, you will feel upset. Eventually, you might end up disliking your partner.

Your partner is mean to other people but he acts as the nicest person to you. This is an early indicator of a failed relationship. Your partner might be mean just to get attention from you. In the long run, he is likely to treat you in the same way he treats others. It doesn’t mean that he is incapable of being mean. He is being nice to you at the start.


early red flags in a relationship

We might try to overlook certain bad things about our partner because we love them. We might try to accept them as they are. But if the acceptance and love are not returned; and all the blame and responsibility is on our shoulders, it is better to leave the person and move on. To love some is also to let go. Appearance betrays us. If they are rotten, stay away from them.

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