How to gain weight effectively.

Simple and effective ways to gain weight:

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As easy as it is to gain weight for some people, some people find it difficult to gain weight.

Often friends and families tell us that we look skinny and we not eating well. But only skinny people know the painful truth that gaining weight is difficult as losing weight.

Being lean can be healthy but being underweight can be due to nutrient deficiencies and there are many health risks associated with it. If you are underweight, it is more advisable to visit a doctor. Under-weight can lead to:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Infertility
  • The immune system becomes weak
  • Dry skin, hair loss, and poor dental problems
  • Anemia and lack of energy
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Osteoporosis due to deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D

Here are some simple and effective ways to gain weight:

Instead of gulping down food in chunks, eat smaller portions more frequently. If you have a poor appetite, eating food frequently at different intervals can help you increase your calorie intake.

Gaining weight should be a slow process even though you might want to gain weight quickly.

Avoid sugar and saturated fat in your diet as this may affect cholesterol levels and increase fat in your body.

Junk food might help you gain some weight but it is not advisable to eat these kinds of food as it does not contain all the healthy nutrients in a diet. It will only cause health problems.

how to gain weight diet

Red meat contains creatine and leucine which help in building muscle. It also contains protein and fat which helps in gaining weight.

Apart from red meat, protein can also be found in fish, chicken, pork, and legumes which will help you gain weight efficiently.

It has been advised to drink lots of fluids. But do not drink before food as you might feel full. Drinking high-calorie beverages or drinking water 30-45mins before food might also help.

Eat food that contains plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Consume only products that contain “good fats”. Milk contains carb, protein, and calcium and it has been found out that skim milk helps to build muscles more effectively. Add milk to your diet to gain weight effectively.

Include dairy products, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

Add nuts, avocadoes, eggs, cheese, and protein bars should be added to your diet to increase weight effectively.

Eat nutrient-rich food. Whole grains and natural peanut butter contains high calories which should be considered to be consumed during breakfast. This simple diet can help to gain weight.

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Weight can be gained by building muscle. This can be achieved by weight-lifting or yoga Protein shakes can also help to gain muscles if you consume them after a workout. But check your labels as added sugar can be harmful to your health.

Starches help to boost muscle growth and help to gain weight by increasing the number of calories consumed. Examples include potatoes, beans, legumes, oats, corn, pasta, etc.

If you have trouble increasing weight or do not have an appetite, consider visiting a doctor. They might prescribe medications for your health problems.

To gain weight, consume more calories than you are burning. Include only healthy nutrient-dense food in your diet.

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