Powerful unfollow and follower tracker apps for Instagram(Android)

Powerful unfollow and follower tracker apps for Instagram:

unfollow app for Instagram

Have you seen the nerves of some people who unfollow you on Instagram after you follow them back? It’s quite annoying when some users don’t follow us back because they want to maintain their followers-following ratio. An account with a higher follower ratio, we believe is considered to be more popular and successful. Thus, some people do not want to follow us back and we get our followers-following ratio becomes unbalanced sometimes.

It was found out that the follow-follow strategy is the best way to gain followers at the beginning. But we also pile up lots of users who don’t follow us back on the way. Here are some apps that enable us to see who does not follow us or has unfollowed us. Since Instagram lacks some features to do this, there are third-party apps that allow us to unfollow efficiently those who do not follow us.


Twitly has a simple UI and it allows you to analyze your account. (You will have to watch an ad for this).

After analyzing, this app allows users to easily unfollow users who do not follow you back. It is so easy to unfollow users but ads pop up once in a while but they say it is to keep the app free.

Followers Insight for Instagram.

One of the best alternatives to unfollow and keep a check on your followers, but this app is not in the authorized apps of Instagram.

You can check who follows you, who unfollowed you, or who you are not following.

This app enables us to unfollow users with ease.

You can see likes and comments with this app and it also ranks your most popular post.


It has a simple interface and provides powerful analytics about your account.

It provides information about your number of followers you gained and lost, the number of likes and comments you got.

Followers – Unfollowers

Almost the features as the above app. This app gives a list of people who have followed and unfollowed you, ghost followers, and users who have never given you a like or comment. You can unfollow these users with ease with this app.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

“Ghost followers” on Instagram. Who doesn’t want to know them? This app provides a list of your recent followers, un-followers, and ghost followers.

You can unfollow users from within the app.

It also allows users to promote themselves by using a global and media shout-out.

Unfollow users.

Unfollow users is a “simple Instagram Manager tool” that has a simple user interface.

This app allows users to track followers. We can simply unfollow multiple or single users efficiently.

Unfollowers for Instagram Lost.

As the name suggests, this app helps you to find un-followers- both lost followers and non-followers.

You can then unfollow if you want from the list.

Follower tool for Instagram.

Like all apps, this app can track who has blocked you,  your followers, and unfollowers.

The best feature of this app is that it allows users to auto unfollow your list and in bulk. (Though the best feature your account might get suspended because of the automatic feature.)

In addition to that, the free version provides statistics about your Instagram account growth, likes, comments, posts, etc.

Unfollowers & Followers Tracker for Instagram

This app also provides statistics about your profile. You can check your most commented or liked post.

It also lists out users who have not followed or unfollowed you. You can check followers that have never liked or commented on your post.

What’s more? It claims that you can analyze any of your friend’s profiles.


Though this app is a powerful alternative to the Instagram app to unfollow and follow users, there is a high risk that sensitive data from your account could be stolen. You can check for Instagram authorized apps from Settings > Security> Apps and Websites. If it is not authorized by Instagram your data is stored by third-party apps and they can log in and steal your data. Change your password if you feel like your account is not secure.

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