Self-care: Importance and ways to take care of self.



Self-care is being gentle with yourself. You are merciful with your body. Keeping your mind at peace and your emotions healthy are the keys to self-care. 

Draining all your energy and time on others and your work can be stressful. Instead of investing time in others, use the time on yourself. Self-care is being selfishly kind to oneself.

The best in us is brought out by regularly practicing self-care. A daily routine should stress on improving the state of our mind and body. 

Here are some of the importance and benefits of self-care-

  • Self-care helps to reduce stress. It has been proven that self-care increases the immune system.
  • Self-care creates positivity and good energy throughout the day.
  • Productivity increases with a focused mind and a healthy body. 
  • Self-care boosts our self-esteem. Loving our self makes us feel valued. We see our worth when we understand who we are.
  • When our cup is brimming to the fullest, we become more compassionate to others. We spread positivity to others when we are feeling pleasant.

Some self-care tips:

Eat healthy food. Do not succumb to unhealthy food. Watch out for the things you are eating regularly. Eat fruits and green vegetables. Drink lots of water. It is important to have a healthy breakfast and switch to a healthy diet.

Sleep. At present, we want to accomplish a lot of things in a single day. We are so busy with our work and goals that we often forget to get enough sleep. Sleep is discarded for work and pleasure. A night of good sleep increases productivity. It also rejuvenates and heals the body when we sleep. Getting enough sleep fills our energy tank. We feel focused and refresh throughout the day. A 20mins sleep can boost our mind if we are feeling inactive. (More about sleep care here.) 

Take a break. We all deserve a break sometimes. Learn to say no to friends or people who ask for help. Instead, reward yourself with quality time. Take a relaxing walk at the park, go on a vacation and enjoy the serenity of nature. Walk under the stars and feel the morning fresh air blowing on your face. It is important to refresh your mind and body once in a while.

Emotional health. Humans are not devoid of feelings. We feel a myriad of emotions- Anger, jealousy, sadness, sorrow, happiness, and so on. These are all part of our life. 

Emotions should be faced head-on. Accept and acknowledge everything you feel. Often we are tempted to search for short-term relief. Intoxicating substances that would harm the body should be avoided. 

Overcoming and learning to control and process our emotions is the way to self-care. Talk with your partner or a close friend if you need help to process your emotions.

Physical health. The body cannot perform well if the mind is feeling down. Physical health is as important as mental health. Hit the gym, play sports and start yoga. 

Exercising reduces anxiety and we can lose some extra weight. It also improves our mood. Walking has also numerous benefits for our body(Learn more)

Social health. Contribute to your community and make yourself known to others. Talk with your partner, call up long-lost friends and make time to spend time with your friends. You are not living to feel only the emptiness of being alone. 

The strength to enjoy being alone is respected but being socially active is also crucial. Find your social needs and spend time getting to know others.

Some other ways: Pets are amazing companions. They provide us with unconditional love and company. 

Try owning a pet to take care of your emotional health. Or, sit in a quiet room and expand your knowledge. Books can be our best friend. They speak to us and drives our imagination. Reading reduces anxiety and stress.

Spiritual health: It may seem unnecessary for some people but don’t skip this. It has been found out that people who follow a religious or spiritual lifestyle have a healthier lifestyle.

Nurturing our spirit is essential for our life. Find the essence of life and get close to God. Attend the church, meditate and pray to find a deeper understanding of the world and the state of your spirit after death.


Organize all the tasks and schedule your time accordingly. Self is the main priority. Make time to take care of yourself; physically, mentally, and emotionally. We create our well-being.

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