The 5 Stages of Grief.

5 Stages of Grief:

stages of grief

Grief is mostly taken as something that causes great unhappiness. The word grief comes from the Latin word gravure, which means to make heavy. Basically, grief is the feeling of heaviness and sorrow. It is something that every man on earth is destined to go through. The different ways when were feel grief are- loss of a loved one, failure in life, disappointment, etc. No man on earth is exempted from the stage of grief; it does not have any definite time or date for one to experience that. It is a phase where one goes through the stages of development mentally and set into maturity. It gives us a wider perspective about life which comes with ‘why’ and ‘how’. But ultimately, in the end, its sense of understanding leads us to accomplish the stage of maturity. There are 5 stages of Grief:

  • Denial.
  • Anger.
  • Bargaining.
  • Depression.
  • Acceptance.

1. Denial:

Everyone goes through the stage of grief in life, during this phase one will go through denial. Denying takes time as they are not ready to accept the grief they go through. It’s the stage where one will be in complete denial of the reality they’re in. It helps one to minimize the excruciating emotional pain. It is the time a person reflects on the memories they have cherished with the deceased. They try to accept reality and understand what has happened.


2. Anger:

After denial comes anger, hidden emotions turn into anger and those angry are often directed in their actions. They often put out their anger upon their loved ones, friends, stranger, an inanimate object, or even upon themselves. However, after the anger submits their level of understanding increases and they try to examine why such loss or pain was inflicted upon them.

lonliness bargaining

3. Bargaining:

During grief, one’s emotions become vulnerable and often they seek protection or someone to rely upon. They try to regain the memories they had which come along with regret. During this time they try to bargain with the infinite spirit or the Christians with God for healing for those who passed away, or a chance to re-live the moment they try to exchange deals in search of hope.

4. Depression:

After the stage of denial, anger, and bargaining comes depression. During this stage, they realize and understand why such loss occurred. They go through the process of healing and moving on, however, they go into depression which comes with extreme isolation and loss of interest. A person becomes less sociable and they might retreat into their shell. 


5. Acceptance:

Acceptance may take months, years, or even for some weeks. It depends on the depth of grief they go through. Acceptance may not necessarily mean being happy but understanding that whatever happened may have a reason. There is no resistance or denial of what has been lost. It’s the stage of accepting and understanding the flow of life and that, it’s the process of growth that comes along with it.


Every individual grieves differently. One person can take short time while the other might take a longer time to overcome grief. The stages don’t follow every time like it should. Sometimes we might get back again to the start or step into a different stage. Overcoming grief is a process we have to through a thousand times. Yet, we will find that we are walking in circles. But that is normal. Grief does not leave us. It stays with us recurring from time to time.

Here are some ways to cope with grief.

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