Improve your heart health by following these 9 steps

Tips to have a healthy heart

Heart problems and diseases have become the major reasons for death among people worldwide.  
Simple changes in our lifestyle will tremendously reduce the Irish of heart disease and improve the health of the heart.
tips to have a healthy heart

Here are some ways to improve the health of your heart:

Exercise: As much as possible try to move around and exercise daily. If exercising is difficult for you, walk at least 10-60mins a day. 
Walking has numerous benefits which are not only beneficial for your health but also strengthens your heart. Exercising improves the blood flow and circulation in the body.
Eat healthy food: Eat food that is healthy for the heart such as green vegetables, fruits, and whole wheat. Salmon and other sources of food that contain healthy fats are also good for your heart.
Get enough sleep: Studies have found that sleeping for 7-9 hours daily can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. (Learn more about sleep care)
quit smoking for healthy heart
Quit smoking. One of the major reasons that cause heart diseases and increases blood pressure is linked to smoking. It is challenging to stop smoking once it has become a habit but a little change can improve your wellness even in old age. 
Stay fit. Do not overeat.  Staying fit is difficult for all of us that have an intense craving for food. Overeating may cause a sudden blood shift from the heart to the digestive system which may result in heart failure. Following a healthy diet and staying fit improves your heart.
Studies have found that belly fat is dangerous to the heart. Obesity also leads to heart failure.
Check your stress levels. Extreme stress can result in high blood pressure and a faster heart rate. Start your day with positive thoughts, learn to appreciate people, and stay happy. Try stress-relieving techniques such as deep breathing to relax better.
Reduce salt intake: Consuming a little amount of salt in your food can reduce blood pressure. The World Health Organization recommends 2g sodium per day for a healthy heart. Reducing salt intake can reduce the risk of heart diseases.
Control diabetes. The chances of heart attack rise by two to four times if you have diabetes. It also results in several health problems. Change in lifestyle and diet can effectively help to combat diabetes.
Be more sociable. Spending time with family, loved ones, or friends improves our well-being. We get emotionally happy when we spend time with our loved ones. Talking and sharing our feelings with others gives us a sense of relief which is good for the heart as we become less stressed.
cardiovascular health


The main factors that contribute to the health of our heart are our lifestyle and eating habits. Change is difficult in a short amount of time but following all the above steps little by little can dramatically improve your heart in the long run. 

Tips to improve heart health:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthy food
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Stay fit. Do not overeat
  6. Check your stress levels
  7. Control diabetes
  8. Reduce salt intake
  9. Be more sociable.

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